We provide property insurance covers for non standard ownership of property.

We understand that typical Court Of Protection enquiries are very difficult to place in a normal market – let alone in a ‘Hard Market’.

With that it is imperative that you work with a Broker that understands legal appointments and the different needs of those Deputies, Attorneys and Appointees.


The Core issues in placing in the market – which is why we have developed relationships with specialist products to include:

  • Age or type of ownership of the property is generally of a non-standard nature. Sometimes there also many common legal appointments.
  • Properties are often unoccupied or there are works planned. Away from being a standard occupied property owners policy.
  • Equipment that needs to be installed in properties are also non standard and specialist that need to be taken into account.

With that in order to get the most from your insurance renewal or placement of cover – working closely with us can make a difference.


As part of Brown & Brown, one of the largest independent insurance broking Groups in the UK, we are well placed to fight your corner.

  • If it is possible we try to obtain 3 quotes to clients in order to comply with FCA regulations.
  • We would like to know in advance which insurers have already approached before marketing – the ‘Hard Market’ will only hinder our joint ability to provide good results for your customers.
  • We also understand that the policies/quotes need to be fit for purpose.
  • We understand the market and cover requirements very well and can provide a solution to each risk. Importantly that they cover the core issues as identified above – we understand your clients will have very different needs and these need to be taken into consideration right from the outset.
  • The Cover on offer needs to be comprehensive & needs to deliver on certain key extensions to cover throughout.


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In your email please give us full details of your association with the ultimate owner of the property and the legal representation behind it.